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Salams everyone,

I would like to welcome everyone to the world of Blogging. It's an interesting way to share with others what's happening in ones life, random thoughts or on a specific topic. Blogs can be personal, professional or hobby oriented. I will keep mine a mix of personal and hobby oriented. The only two topics which I will not comment on are religion and politics.

More to come.

Many friends have asked me what is required for having a blog on PakGuns. It's just another free service we provide to members of good standing here at PakGuns, they are required to have atleast 1600 posts on board.


  1. Bullseye's Avatar
    1600 posts? wowwwwwwww. Guess at my current rate, I'll be posting my first blog after six years. Anyhow, can we view the blogs and "mustafeez" hon?
  2. zahid malik's Avatar
    great sharing of knowledge done
  3. salman manj qadri's Avatar
    how end user may know fake or orignal between baikal mp 446 viking plastic frame ty series with fixed rear sight model
  4. pisces007's Avatar
    very nice abbas bro well said