Great Britain via Muscat

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4 hours stay at Muscat international, reached here at 9am, flight (Oman air) to London is at 1pm. Enjoying business lounge's excellent food , drinks (hallal only ), hostesses and computer

Muscat airport although is as big as Dubai, Bangkok or Hong Kong but is clean, beautiful interior, smaller but full of goodies duty free shops and lot of Pakistanis & Indians

My only problem (as usual) is smoking, airport has only two smoking rooms (non is business lounge) full of smoke produced by 100 different brands of cigarettes. Going there after every half an hour to smoke a tasteless cigarette is quite torturous.
I am sure world can be a smoke free place in 30 days if all the places (including homes) are implemented with same smoking restrictions as we have at airports ( Pakistan airports exclude as they are situated in a very free country).

will try to write regular blog telling you people everything kinky n non-kinky I come across to, during this visit. So keep checking in


  1. Abbas's Avatar
    Great, here I was thinking of calling you today and you're half way across the world ! Looking forward to you and Slayer shooting down some clays !
  2. AK47's Avatar
    @Chief.................I caught our UK/Muscat travelling bro, right when he was packing off yesterday eve!

    @Den......Lolz on all the " halal " bro, ha ha ha! Enjoy it bro, take the full load of "heart-feed", while you're there and share 'em all exposed in next thread of yours, we've been calling the guns "babes" for a little too long now, lolz!

    Nice start to the blog also, now keep us updated, you'll be missed, and for a couple of days switch over to smokeless E-cigarette with a good load of cocoa flavor, lolz!

  3. Starfish's Avatar
    Have a safe trip!
  4. Denovo87's Avatar
    Hi again.. sorry for not being able to update my blog for last 4 days, reason my hotel wifi & my official laptop compatibility issue still am using a friends laptop.
    OK lets do a quick blogy blogy... reached Heathrow arrond 5pm gmt 26/1/11 welcomed by rain (as always), rented a car, had dinner at a friend's house and drove to Manchester, reached Britannia hotel (same place with a bloody incompatible wifi) by 12am checked in by very very drunk manager.
    Next had to meet a customer at 10am, went there and had a fruitfull meeting, saw hundards of GEESE there playing having good time alongside a pond right in the middle of business park, my first expression was " OYE GEESE KADDHO BADOONK" took pictures of them will post once get back home.

    going off.. will report back tonight..
  5. Denovo87's Avatar
    Now back home, could not update you people because of my stupid laptop's stupid wifi settings which I have been fighting with during the whole trip but they never let me hook to any network so first thing I did after getting back was to restore it to original factory settings, hopefully it will work on next trip . It was a great trip as far as business part is concerned but a very dull as far as pleasure is, due to continues rain, 60 mph gusts and cold weather.
    Met Slayerjutt bro on last day in Manchester (just before I was leaving) for only half an hour,thanks Slayer bro for coming to the hotel and sorry again for not being able to contact you earlier, will have fun on my next trip Inshallah.
    I would like to share one very unusual (for me atleast) thing that I witnessed, me and my friend (whom I call A'aqa because of his very peculiar kinky habits ) were roaming in a street with lot of homo clubs, there we saw 2 policemen walking around, A'aqa said lets have some fun with them, I was like "what? I dont want to spend a night in Manchester's Hawalat" but he went to them and had this dialogue,
    A'aga... Hi guys, what are these clubs like, we tried to go in but they say it only for GAYs?

    P.M.: Sir these are Gays only clubs.

    A: What is Gay?

    P.M.: I am sorry Sir but you can ask anyone outside the club.

    A: But why dont you tell me what Gay is, you are here to help.

    P.M.: Sir, absolutely we are here to help but the thing you want helping in is something we cant.

    A: OK I will ask some one else but at least tell me "ARE YOU BOTH GAY"?

    now at that point I started looking for the route I will run to but to my surprise both policemen looked at each other smiled back and started walking their way. Being called SIR in response to very stupid questions and no consequences faced which we would face here in Pakistan after having this kind of PANGA with a BAWARDEE MULAZIM; was like "what the hell, what's wrong with English police, are they really GAY????" but this sweet rendezvous with UK police was something to remember and to share with friends (but never with any Policeman here as I know where I will end up spending next night after a thorough CHITROL ) .
  6. AK47's Avatar
    Lolz! And welcome back Denovo bro!With the sudden cut off, was really wondering since days on your whereabouts there! And then .......THESE whereabouts!! Lolz!

    Now, apart from escaping troubles with the Police, calling them fags/gays, whatsoever, I'd still say, your better luck was escaping the very "zombies" you were asking about, lolz!

    Seems though, biz was combined fairly well with pleasure, still!!

  7. Prince's Avatar
    @Denovo, i have red SAFARNAMA of mustansar hussain TARAR about Hunza valley. After that its second one and the best ever. You need another trip this year afterwards we can publish this book and rayality will go to PG...... hehehehehehe
  8. Topak's Avatar
    very good blog, how i missed it. since word GAY falls under PB so cant talk much about it, well they are called as Ga--- here in Punjab which also start with G.
  9. hsnmz's Avatar
    Nice blog @Denovo sir. @Topak bro taking Ga--- to the next level. . . PG (Parental guide) advised

    @Denovo sir, it may not be the right place to ask but I have tried posting my question in your Phantom review thread.
    I am planing to buy a Phantom and wanted your first hand knowledge about it since it's been almost a year that you have owned one. Do you recommend buying it ? My preference are a full sized light weight gun in around 100k Rs. Thanks in advance.
  10. Birdshooter007's Avatar
    Nice trip report, give it a try at
  11. ashar410's Avatar
    @denovo I want to buy paracord for making keychains and knife covers. I read an old article of yours on paracord on this site so Can you tell me where I can buy? Sorry for posting it here.