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nice to see new feature on PG The Blog. congrats to Admin Mods and members for on more good step towards the healthy community.
since i am first one to write here,but its not any article nor any review.Just a congratulatory messege and a QUESTION.
just want to know What is Blog ? do we have two forums at a time now?
second purpose of this writing is to know whether if have any errors,bugs in our new Blog system.
members are welcome to contribute whether they have find it fine or is there any error.Also please clear my confusion about BLOG... are both Forum and Blog equal ? what is technical difference between them


  1. Denovo87's Avatar
    Topak bro, blog definition,

    Definition: an online diary; a personal chronological log of thoughts published on a Web page; also called WEBLOG or WEB LOG.

    Example: Typically updated daily, blogs often reflect the personality of the author.

    So start writing your diary of your daily Court, Justice system, Laws etc experiences
  2. Abbas's Avatar
    +10 Denovo I could not have put it better.

    Blogs are a personal web space for Senior PG members. They can share parts of their lives with the online world. Our only rules are no politics, no religious discussion and no auto weapon talk. All else is welcome.

    Members can also completely customize the outlook of their Blogs.

    A list of some good blogs:
  3. Skeeter60's Avatar
    Lots of wild Boars are active near the border and I am lucky to be invited by a friend to a shoot. I am going to reload 300 grain hard cast bullets for my .44 Magnum Colt Anaconda, I will be using Blue Dot Powder and CCI Large pistol primers. Recheck the zero on the range at 50 Ms hitting about 2 inches high so I am on at a hundred Ms. The Anaconda with an 8 in barrel is from the Colts Custom shop and shoots into one inch at 50m with a 2 power Leupold Pistol scope on it. It is fixed in Burris no drill no tap mounts and rings.
    Will post pictures of this beauty with a bite, and also the boars I may get
  4. Vik's Avatar
    Sir Skeeter
    Some day I will share pictures of my maternal grandfather with you.
    Best of luck on your hunting.
    Updated 19-11-2010 at 08:50 PM by Vik
  5. Denovo87's Avatar
    Sir Skeeter, is that border near Sialkot? in case it is, dont forget to give a buzz after or before dealing with the boars.
  6. Skeeter60's Avatar
    Well I will tell you when things are finalised
  7. Adeel Ahmad's Avatar
    Hello Guys,
    Not actually much blogging going on around here.
    I am not seeing any Tab for creating a new Blog, do i not qualify or is there something wrong with my browser?
  8. 1911's Avatar
    MashAllah, you brothers have upgraded this site to a higher level. The only problem is now I get to spend more time at PakGuns ?? As Tony the tiger says ... "This is Greaat!!!!!".
  9. Denovo87's Avatar
    Adeel bro, nothing wrong with your browser but your other guess is right, making a blog facility is set to cater 1600+ post members, so you need to run fast to that mark.

    ally bro, this is not the place to ask such questions, please post your query in forum's relevant section/thread to get a quick reply, deleting your query from this blog.
  10. Ka_Khan's Avatar
    Welcome to the world of Blog
    Congratulations to the Team Pakguns for taking it one step ahead.
    Abbas...any more surprises ?
    Updated 24-11-2010 at 05:34 PM by Denovo87
  11. TAREEN's Avatar
    I'm due to write a Blog here in 2012, Insha Allah.
  12. shayan ali's Avatar
    Hi guys new to this web site but have been collecting and handling guns for last 10 years I reside in USA but come Pakistan every year for hunting vacation love water fowl in mangla near jehlum my grand parents lived their and I own alot of land their in heritage but things have been change their not much birds in season and army taking over alot of that area and hunting is not as much fun looking for new spots so if any body wana help or join i b more than happy ib coming to Pakistan in December 2011 for 1 month take Care guys
  13. psychiatrist-1's Avatar
    I am not sure if this blog belongs here but would like to share my interest in history. I am a history buff besides hunting, fishing and camping. I like to share with you tha first shot gun was used in 1865 during the United States civil war. More American were killed in that conflict than all the wars put together.
    There are six types of repeater shot guns up to date. By definition any shot gun which can fire more than one shells successively is a repeater, so DBBL, believe or not it is a type of repeater. Side by side shot guns are the most expensive ranging from $1200 to $ 100, 000 or even more but it is not the gun but it is Naveed behind the gun. Most selling shot guns in the world are: Remengton 870 pump, Browning Citori and surprisingly .410 Baikal ( After the name lake Baikal in Russia)
    Updated 17-05-2011 at 09:57 AM by psychiatrist-1