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    Dr Zakir

    Colt 1911 in .455 Webley Auto

    Well done. A marvellous job .

    Dr Zakir 17-11-2018, 02:57 PM Go to last post

    Sambar Deer

    For now all that we have is hunting which is strictly regulated by the government. As in which months you can hunt.
    The most easy and widely practiced

    shahroze 16-11-2018, 11:31 PM Go to last post

    Marocchi vs escort

    thank you for sharing thoughts and experience Ameer bro

    ali110 16-11-2018, 10:09 PM Go to last post

    Sambar Deer

    Hello S

    Thank you for clarifying.
    Whilst there are difficulties in acquiring licences here also - chicken/egg situation - you have

    Loki 16-11-2018, 08:18 PM Go to last post

    Marocchi vs escort

    He won't be forgotten thanks to this forum...

    shahroze 16-11-2018, 06:59 PM Go to last post