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    I've never been a fan of the .30 cal due to it's over penetrative nature and accuracy concerns. I had some .30 (7.62x25) ammo lying around which I wanted to get rid off and thought to take my Zastava M57 for some target shooting. I was quite surprised at the results. I fired about a 100 rounds all at 15M, targets below.

    The first two targets were shot casually with me not expecting much but with encouraging results I started to shoot it more carefully to see what max I could get from it.

    The results were beyond my wildest expectations. I never thought the 7.62x25 caliber could be so decently accurate. A 2 / 2.5 inch group at 15 M is excellent specially when taking into account human error.

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    The CF 98 is a good gun. decent robust and reliable package that gets the job done. And the price is also very good.

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    Enigmatic Desires

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    Congratulations Shah1. Thats one hell of a good rifle.

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    you like hammer fired guns then if you can get zig 14 in your budget its a very nice shooting gun,copy of browing hight power some

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    brother i exchanged it with m16a4 that time and later on i custom built a m4 type rifle with imported parts so i have two ARs now.i didn't buy the .223

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    Advice for new handgun

    Assalam-o-alaikum friends,
    I recently received DM for purchasing NPB gun, I am resident of Rawalpindi and visited Liaqat Bagh couple of days ago

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