• FIR - Baikal O/U (IZH 27)

    Here is my new shotgun. This gun is just out of the box, so lubrication, greasing & polish is still due.

    Looks As a first impression, the gun is half as good looking as other O/Us available in the market in the 50k bracket and in no league with the premium brands. Its like Russian Belarus (nick named Roosi) tractor. Its big & ugly but the monster is strong enough in its hydraulics that it can jack itself up unlike any other in the market.

    Weight Feels & it is slightly heavier than synthetic finished O/Us. Its taken as an advantage to absorb a portion of kick that cumulates to mild bruises after a days shoot without a padded jacket.

    Finish Not a refined or finely finished gun in any way. I was looking for something that I could refer to as 'delicate' or 'flimsy' but couldn't find any. Parts of the gun look like as if they are made for a battlefield rather than casual sports shooting. Thick & solid. It takes more effort to breech open the gun than to open the main gate of my house. Probably because its new and hopefully it will soften before my son inherits it.

    AccessoriesComes with only three chokes in total. Nothing else like extensions, pads, 5 chokes etc etc. Manual is an option, sometimes its available in the box.

    Performance Thats why I bought it. It was unanimously recommended by all the friends.

    For further details, here is the official site:
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