• 10/22 - The Day and the Rifle.

    Since its 22nd October, I thought may be we can dedicate a thread to the good ole 10/22 and its story.
    Feel free to add your own pictures and comments / experience of the 10/22.

    Chambered in the 22lr, the 10/22 continues to be an inexpensive yet fun rifle providing entertainment to the shooting masses since 1960. Some claim that it is the most popular civilian / sporting firearm in the history.
    Developed by Strum Ruger in the 1960's the rifle is of a simple design by William B. Ruger,*Harry H. Sefried .Production versions started appearing in the market in 1964. Over 5 million have been manufactured to date.

    The 10/22 utilized circular box type mags which would sit flush in the stock and hold 5 rounds each. Later on, standard box mags were also introduced.

    Barrel Lengths:
    Rifle: 20"
    Carbine: 18.5"
    Compact Rifle: 16.125"
    Target: 20" Bull Barrel

    First Produced in 1964. Offered to date.
    Semi Auto

    As of date, 10/22 is offered in 5 configurations with variations in stock materials, barrel length, finish etc. I found the following variants noteworthy:

    10/22 Magnum
    A 22 Magnum version was also offered from 1998 to 2006 and later withdrawn.

    .17hmr was added in 2004 and later withdrawn in 2006.

    10/22 International
    This model was fitted with a Mannlicher stock and is now discontinued.

    AWC Ultra 2
    Integrally suppressed and resembles a bull barrel. The barrel is ported and is 16.5"

    Overall, the 10/22 is a heavily customized / experimented upon gun which saw many variations through its life. Yet it continues to be a popular firearm amongst the shooting community. Pictures from various sources on the internet are listed below to give you some idea of the shapes and sizes this rifle has adapted over the years.

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