• Ammunition: The 7mm REMINGTON MAGNUM

    The 7mm Remington Magnum is the most popular and successful belted magnum cartridge in the world.
    In Africa of course the grand father of all belted magnums the .375 H&H magnum is the most successful and popular.
    The 7mm magnum is the best compromise cartridge for Long Range Big Game hunting.
    Bullets of larger diameter have to be much heavier to give good Sectional Density for penetration and higher Ballistic Co- efficient to retain high velocity at longer ranges
    Its felt recoil is not very different from a 270 Win ,a 30-06 or even a 308 Win. It fires from 110,115,120 130 140,145, 150,160,170,175 and also 190 grain bullet.
    The lighter than 120 grain bullets are not good as these have a propensity for self destruction after going a 100 yds or so , I have personally experienced this with the 120 Nosler varmint bullets designed for 7mm handgun use at 2000 FPS or so. ( Contender Pistols and XP 100 types)
    I unknowingly hand loaded and fired these in my magnum and although these would make 3/4 inch 5 shot groups at 100 yds I could not find a single bullet hole on a 4x4 feet target at 200 yds, comming back to 100 yds I shot again and again a 3/4 inch group and only then I noticed the bullet holes had Comet Tails these were already coming apart and some observers told me that there is a puff of smoke just beyond the 100 yd line each time I fired. I later had this phenomenon confirmed. Very light Varmint bullets should not be fired at the Very high magnum velocities.
    The best long range bullets for the 7mm magnum are between the 150 and 175 grains.
    I am giving the trajectory of the 160 Grain Spitzer Boat Tail Bullet with a BC of .560 fired at a MV of 2975 FPS

    Range. 100yds 200yds 300yds 400yds 500yds
    300 yd zero
    Trajectory. +3.5 inches +4.2 ins 00 (-) 9.8 ins (-)25.9 (-)
    200yd zero. +1.4 00 (-)6.3 ins (-)18.3 ins (-)36.5 in
    Energy. 3197 Ft Lbs. 2838 Ft Lbs 2515 Ft Lbs 222.8 Ft Lbs 1953.6Ft Lbs 1713.6 Ftlbs

    Data From Speer Reloading Manual Number 12.

    The 7mm rem mag is a very versatile long range cartridge and from Urial to Himalayan Ibex to Marco Polo sheep , to Brown bear, and Neel gai one is never under gunned and never woried about the trajectory. How ever longer than 300 yds shots should only be taken with range confirmation through a Laser Range Finder and when the wind is not too strong.
    I print and tape the trajectory on the stock and cover it with transparent tape.It comes handy.
    Please Zero your Rifle at a 100 yds from a sitting position with the rifle firmly rested on a sand bag or some thing, make sure the barrel is not touching any thing and squeeze off at least two five shot groups. Bullets are never wasted on paper, you will end up firing only one good shot on game and be pleased with the out come . Happy hunting.


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