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  • The Colt King Cobra .357

    I'm not a big fan of revolvers but there was 'one' revolver that I always wanted to have, The Colt King Cobra. I test fired a family member's when I was around 10 and still remember thinking "I want that".

    I had been looking for one for a couple of years but it is next to impossible to find a new one or in like new condition. Colt stopped producing them more than a decade ago. Finally I was lucky enough to come across one and made sure I got it.

    It is in *Mint* condition, in stainless steel finish with a 4 inch barrel. (I would not have bought anything above 4'). The revolver itself it simply amazing, a treat to fire. The action is very smooth, the trigger crisp, sights excellent, accuracy excellent and the recoil is very manageable due to the slightly heavy weight. The grips are rubber, Houge like making it comfortable to hold and fire.

    The revolver fires both .357 magnums and .38 specials. Here are some pictures.

    In the picture above are four different kinds of .357 ammo. Starting from the left, CCI Blazer158 Grain JHP, Armscor 125 Grain FMJ, Federal 180 Grain JHP, Master 158 Grain Semi Wadcutter.

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    Strange predicament

    Salam bro

    did you find a decent hand gun yet?

    Having gotten my ICT license approval just now, I face the same predicament.

    Abdullah_Mujahid Today, 01:15 AM Go to last post

    Availability of original / imported 9MM Weapons in Rwp/Isb

    Dear Experts,

    i just got my ICT license approved from Isb and need a reliable weapon for SD. The problem is that my range is PKR 120-140k

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    POF 5 - Cost

    Thanks FA226. Does it still come with that single 15 rounder magazine only or extra/ high capacity magz are available? What else did you get a chance

    MK47 Today, 12:20 AM Go to last post

    POF 5 - Cost

    Yes he is right, price was 165k in beginning but for last two years it's 125k. bad thing is they increased the price of their 308 from 190k to 260k.

    FA226 Yesterday, 10:57 PM Go to last post

    POF 5 - Cost

    you can buy it for 2 lakh also. but wil price is 125k

    pakistanitoup Yesterday, 10:54 PM Go to last post