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  • Review: The Small Wonder CZ RAMI

    I would like to start off by saying that the CZ Rami is the simply the best sub compact the world has ever seen. I adore it, love it and sleep with it under my pillow.

    I had been looking for a subcompact for quite a while and the only decent option that I had was the Glock26 which I was reluctant to purchase because of the idiotic price of 350k. Then the Rami came along and 'shot' the 26 a new one.

    This gun is simply marvelous, it is solid, well finished and a joy to handle. I bought the D version which comes with a decocker and Tritium night sights. The magazine holds 10 rounds and with 1 in the chamber, the gun carries 11. It comes with a firing pin block and the trigger is above average. Barrel length is 3 inches and the Rami weighs 695g which is about 140g heavier than the Glock 26. The pistol is DA/SA.

    Shooting the Rami is a real pleasure, the felt recoil is quite low for a gun with a 3 inch barrel, the rubber grips feel great and shooting it even with the two and a half finger grip is very comfortable.

    As for accuracy, within the first 50 rounds I shot a two inch group at 10 M. That is just phenomenal for a sub compact. I was so amazed that I forgot about the review and started a one on one competition with it and the Canik 55. At 15 M I shot a 3.5 inch group with the Canik and a 3 inch one with the Rami ! I was almost embarrassed to be shooting better on a gun I had not even fired 100 shots on compared to one (with a 4.7 inch barrel) that I shot 6000+ on.

    Then I started to torture test it with limp wrists, rapid fires, loose grip, double taps, dirty ammo etc. It passed all with flying colors, NO FTE's or FTF.

    I fired a total of 300 rounds though it of all kinds of ammo and it ate up everything flawlessly. My main concern was that since this is a subcompact and meant for self defense carry, compatibility with all kinds of HP ammo was a must. I am happy to report that it shot every variety of HP's I fed it reliably.

    The Rami is a wonderful wonderful piece and I would also like to say while Glocks are great friends, CZ's are simply life long love affairs. Get one.

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