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  • CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow Review / Range Report

    Disclaimer: All thoughts / opinions / experiences expressed here are my own and by definition, are very subjective. Also a bit biased. Your mileage May and perhaps Will vary.

    Starting with the Specs:
    Caliber: 9mm
    Barrel Length: 4.72 Inches, 114 mm
    Weight: 1180 grams unloaded.
    Trigger Mechanism: SA / DA - Over Travel Adjustable. Combat Curved
    Total Length: 207 mm
    Height: 147 mm
    Frame: Large
    Mag Capacity: 18
    Front Sights: High Viz Fiber Optic, Red - Dovetailed, secured by a one time use pin.
    Rear Sights: Fixed. Bomar cut (Black broad serrated blade ) - Dovetailed secured by a screw.
    Grips: Soft rubber, Full checkered.
    Safety: Manual Safety, Trigger safety notch. No firing Pin Block.
    Slide Construction: Steel
    Frame Construction: Steel
    Coating: Polycoat
    Price: 90 grand.

    Much has been said about this handgun. First things first, itís a CZ, a CZ that the CZ team itself (among many others) for limited IPSC and variants. The rest can be read up on the internet and a certain T shirt owned and proudly worn by our Chief.

    Itís a recent purchase and I have shot around 350 rounds (and counting) through this handgun and I must say, "The more, the merrier"

    Before Purchase:
    The internets been full of Shadow this and Shadow that. Some pro's, some cons, and of-course, some bias. Cutting it short, this handgun's been on my wish list since last year. Finally I heard the CZs are in town. Better grab one I thought. When I asked about it, the dealer said he didnít have any Shadow but a CZ 75 phantom. Finally, when I inquired about the "steel" frame phantom, I was shown the Shadow The first thing that you notice holding it is the balance. The gun is slightly muzzle heavy. The second thing you notice is the weight (1.2 kg Approx.)

    In the Box:

    1. The plastic box had a the usual paper work,
      A bore brush
      A flimsy plastic pull through lever
      Two 18 round mags
      The pistol itself
      A spare main spring
      A target print out marked with the serial number of the gun.[/*]

    After Purchase ( In chronological order):
    Scrubbing. Happiness. Dry firing. More happiness.

    Off to the Range:

    Disclaimer II: Please note that I am not very experienced at pistol shooting and a novice at best. Got my range membership recently as well. In fact, it was my third time at the range when I shot the shadow for the first time. So, I do believe the pistol can do much better in the hands of a good shooter.

    Day 1 with the shadow:
    The pistol shot beautifully. The impatient man pulling the trigger, not very much. The results were good none the less. Specially the pseudo rapid (one shot / second. ) target results shown below. This was shot with Chinese Polytech Ammo (White Box). Targets are 25m Precision Pistol targets.

    Things that stood out on day 1: The trigger creep. Pre travel had creep. The break had creep. Fortunately there wasnít any post travel and the trigger reset was very good.

    Day 2 with the shadow:
    Day two was better. I had more patience and shot much better groups. Targets follow. All shots were taken at 15 meters. Targets are standard NRA 25 m Precision Pistol targets. The First target is wrongly marked as a previous day target. Kindly excuse the error.

    Total Stats:
    Number of rounds: 350
    Types of Ammunition fired: Armscor FMJ, Chinese Polytech FMJ, Wolf FMJ, FNH FMJ (Belgium) , POF FMJ, Tula FMJ.
    Stoppages: None what so ever.

    Looking Back / After thoughts.
    Value for Money: Unbeatable.
    You pay almost equivalent to the US price (880 USD after discount) unlike other 500 ~ 600 USD pistols which are retailing here for 300 K onwards.
    Overall a wonderful purchase. I would love t get my hands on another one and just put it in my closet. Its just that comforting to own one.

    Trigger: A love hate relation.
    The trigger is much better now than what came out of the box. Pre travel has no creep now and the break is crispier. I m counting on the trigger to really shine once I cross the 1000 round mark.
    The shadow will take you for a ride if you want to do IPSC style shooting (speed) but it is a difficult pistol to shoot for precision shooting. Not very forgiving when it comes to trigger errors. You do something slightly wrong, and rest assured, it will be reflected on your score. Its just that way with precision machines I guess The CZ TS on the other hand, is very forgiving. But lets save the TS for later.

    Recoil: This gun handles very nice in my hands. I can assure you of the fact that you will not wait to pull that trigger again, and again. Very little muzzle climb. The sights just hug the target as if tied down by an invisible bungee cord. Itís a pleasure to shoot.

    Someday / Maybe Projects:
    I m thinking Mamba!
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