View Full Version : Xisico XS-B21 Air Rifle

31-07-2011, 03:34 AM
Do you have or have you had a Xisico XS-B21 air rifle? What is/was your overall view as to performance and quality as compared to any other air rifle you may have had?

Did you buy it new or used? Did it need any major servicing that required tear-down of the rifle?

01-08-2011, 09:05 AM
I personally haven't owned Xisico air rifles but have had quiet some range time with them and to tell you the truth they are pretty good for the price, the Primary reason might be the Cloned German design of RWS Diana air rifles. The great thing about owning these air rifles back in the US is that you can get then tuned and without getting it tuned the only things you wont like are the lack of fineness in the firing cycle which begins with a heavy trigger and ends at un even twang when the piston hits the breech end.

Well as far as I know the RWS clones will take the same amount of know how to open up as a RWS does " and some of them are pretty complicated". if you are thinking of buying one I would highly recommend it if your in the market of heavy duty modification and customization or if your just going to do some casual plinking, I personally wouldn't have fun with them hunting with out of the box parts but with a lightly customized gun it would be better.
Hope this helps,