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15-04-2011, 09:51 PM
It was about early or mid 1960s, I saw a gun dealer advertisement for a Ruger 22LR semi-auto - later called the Ruger Standard 22.

In the advertisement the picture of Ruger looked like the style of German Lugar. I not only liked the looks, I liked the price even better. I still have the cancelled check showing the price I paid, under $30 for this brand new pistol.

The Ruger not only looked good, it functioned well. When the honeymoon with the Ruger was over, I took it apart and cleaned it. Upon closed inspection I discovered the finish of the gun was lacking in quality. Many of my older guns - guns much older than the Ruger carried a better metal finish under the blue finish.

I considered rebluing it to a darker finish to hide the machine tool markings on the metal. Until now I had reblued only two 22LR rifles before with results that were so-so. Here I had a gun that was brand new and I was thinking of messing up the blue finish it carried. Perhaps I was out of my mind - even thinking about doing this.

I kept saying to myself - they did sloppy metal finish. My mind was made up. I wanted to finish the metal beneath the blueing to perfection. I had emery cloth and steel wool. That was all that I need. Since the gun was already apart, I started working on the barrel first as this was the prominent part of the gun that attracted the eye. I built up courage and wrapped a strip of emery cloth around the barrel. With one hand I firmly gripping the emery cloth and with the other hand I twisted the barrel. After few twists, I unwrapped the emery and took a look. I must have twisted the emery cloth very hard as I got down to the bare metal pretty fast. I saw and could feel with my finger nail the machine cutting marks around the barrel. Again, I said to myself - they did a sloppy job. I was not happy. Now I was stuck - I had done the damage to the pistol. Now there was no going back.

Many-many hours, days and weeks passed. I was making progress. Finally I started seeing the daylight in my project. All metal surfaces that I could see now had a mirror smooth finish -very smooth but dull finish.

Having brought the metal to perfection (perfection in my eyes), I had to make a decision on how to apply a finish to the bare metal surface. My brother made a suggestion - why not plate it? I said, how would I plate it? He said that he had a friend who does plating. I said ok. In turn he asked me what kind of plating I wanted. I asked him what were my choices, he said nickel or gold. I asked him to have it nickel plated.

When the gun came back from the plating facility, I could hardly recognize the piece. It looked so pretty. I gave the "new" Ruger to my brother as a gift. The gun was never fired again. It became a museum piece - for show.

16-04-2011, 03:21 PM
Sir, I solute your courage and determination and i like the way you write; long & smooth and so natural. I bet you enjoy writing as much as shooting.

16-04-2011, 06:40 PM
Salam All,
@PakistanFirst - Sir, what a wonderful and memorable event in time.

17-04-2011, 05:37 AM

Thank you for the complement. I notice you are thinking of buying a 22LR rifle. I wonder which one you have in mind.

19-04-2011, 12:49 AM
sir pakistan first a true gun lover

21-04-2011, 10:02 AM
Salam to all

Thank you for your complements.