View Full Version : Rust Removing Experience

29-10-2010, 06:45 PM
i agree u have 2 pay the price for negligence at first place and then my all sympathies with rusted gun bros. rust is like loosing a limb and u have to learn 2 live without that limb same is the case with rust u have to now learn to live with it. actually its process is very complicated of reverse current and much more but that is not possible with gun. in fuel steel huge storage tanks its done normally. rust treatment with hot water is only for freshly corroded normally written as (FC) but for rust causing pitting its a permanent damage clean it and live with this means keep close to ur eyes under strict observation. FC dip in hot water clean it apply car stain removing wax and clean it. inside barrel apply brasso or wd-40. please do not apply wd-40 on bullets and on browned areas of gun. it damages browning also. inside barrel its good. i had rust on some parts trigger assembly and rear sight tip of my .22 gun i took these parts out and places them on gas oven flame up a desired black color and dipped them into used engine oil but i am watching these very very carefully for any re=attack of rust.
old guns must be cleaned and should be kept white(browning is no more on it) no problem see as we recommend for cars but don't do Browning till u find some experts 4it.
try not 2 use any rough material inside barrel as u ll damage the chrome inside. bore snake is very effective for inside cleaning.