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07-08-2010, 07:22 PM
i own a .32 revolver for HD and SD purpose

A revolver is a wonderful weapon. It can be used for self protection or target shooting. The .32 bore revolver is best suited for use by an average person. It is neither too small in size and nor large as say a. 45. There are many makes of .32 revolvers available in the market. You can have your pick from any number of manufacturers in the market. But the prominent ones which I recommend is the Webley Scott or Smith and Wesson or colt or Arminius etc. Any gun owner knows that proper cleaning and maintenance of his equipment is not only the key in increasing the weapon's lifespan, but is necessary to ensure its safe operation. There are many ways to clean a revolver, as there are stars in the Milky Way. When you decide to clean your revolver see that you have some free time available. Hence it will be good idea to use a Sunday or holiday for this purpose.

To start with select a small table and place it in a well lighted area of your house or the porch. It is preferable that you sit in a place where natural sun light is available. Get your revolver and examine it carefully from the outside. The next step is perhaps the most important and concerns your safety. Open the Chamber of the revolver and see that it is unloaded. In case you have bullets in the chamber take them out and keep them aside. Make doubly sure that the revolver is empty of bullets. In addition hold the opened barrel against the light to ensure that no bullet is in the barrel.

Secondly get your cleaning kit and oils ready on the table. You will require the following
a) A Gun oil
b) A solvent
c) A wire bore brush with a small handle and rod. Ensure that it is compatible with the bore of the .32
d) Pieces of cleaning cloth or rags
e) Patches.

Thirdly use the solvent with a hard brush on the outside of the revolver. You may if required use a tooth brush for this purpose. Clean the revolver thoroughly with the solvent to remove any rust or other marks. Continue till the revolver is absolutely clean. In case you are cleaning your weapon after a long interval then it will be good idea to remove the rust marks if any with zero number emery paper.

Fourthly dip your bore brush again in the solvent and run the brush through the barrel of the revolver. The barrel will have grooves and once clean will be clearly visible. After this hold the revolver against the light and use the brush to clean the bullet chambers. Remember the brushes available are of different sizes for different weapons. Ensure you use the correct size so as not to damage the barrel bore. The bore brush when it moves in the barrel will twist with the grooves.This is a good sign and allow the brush to follow its natural movement.

Next clean the extractor rod and push it inwards to check its springs is in good shape. Rotate the cylinder with your hand to see that the circular motion is free.This is important as the revolver chamber is to move automatically with the release of the trigger.

Lastly wipe the revolver clean with a dry patch both from inside and outside. Take the gun oil and apply it to the moving parts of the revolver. With a patch lightly rub the oil all over the weapon. It should now give a clean and shiny look.

How often you clean your revolver will depend on your usage. Remember the revolver is a handy weapon and keeping it properly with regular cleaning will make your weapon last a long time. But in case there is more to the weapon and some major defect crops up then take it to a qualified gunsmith.

The final step concerns storage of your revolver. Keep it in a holster and lock it up in cupboard or almirah. See that children have no access to the weapon. Always store the revolver unloaded and the bullets in a separate case

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Lovely info............thanks for sharing.

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The method described for cleaning revolver is satisfactory. I would like to add a few points.

Use a dropper or syringe to put solvent onto brush so as to avoid contaminating the solvent or wasting it.

Barrel should always be cleaned in direction of bullet leaving it otherwise accuracy can suffer and rod can hit firing pin area at the back. So get a flexible wire rod like in otis cleaning kits and put wire rod from cylinder side and pull out.

Never use holster for storage as the oils in it will eat away the steel over time. Also the storage area should not be airtight as it will cause rusting of revolver internal parts especially in blued finish. Also dont store in foam lined box as it captures moisture and can stick to gun finish.

Use the best oil you can find hoppes 9 and lightly cover the outside, barrel and cylinders, shroud rod internals. Too much oil attracts dust and not good.

Check on weapon every 3 months or maximum 1 year.

You should spend money on maintenance and storage. What i use is Otis cleaning kit pouch smaller in size than a cd, hoppes 9 solvent, hoppes 9 oil, cotton patches made from old vests, clp break free from otis for internals of gun grip and screw, dropper for solvent, brass and plastic brush attachments from otis kit, soft tooth brush.

I store in a plastic zipper bag open at the top and placed in a normal hand bag with silica gel pouches. Mine is a blued steel finish so requires a lot of care.

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nice info bro.

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Nice information brother.. thanks for sharing.. :)