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07-04-2010, 05:50 PM

I need some advice here since I just read this article on the Net and now I am confused...


It turns out that I am Left Eye Dominant, however I am a right handed person :|

I would appreciate if the experts could tell me how this affects my shooting and how I can take any corrective measures? Should I aim with one eye open (right) when using my shotgun?


07-04-2010, 06:11 PM

buddy, eye dominance is very easy to solve so dont worry. first and foremost rule of shotgunning is to shoot with both eyes open. since ur left eye dominant, your aim will always be slightly off. here is what you can do:

1. get a fiber optic shotgun bead. it helps alot with the eye dominance issue. it will never flash full bright till the time your eye is not fully in line with the barrel. so problem solved.

2. get yourself some quality shooting glasses and tape a semi transparent tape to the left spectacle. simple problem solved.


p.s. I would recommend that you use fiber optic bead such as Champions easy hit fiber optic bead or Hiviz cause taping sorta looks wierd to the spectators. ;)

07-04-2010, 11:15 PM
+1 for fiber optic sight .. it helps a lot (Y)

07-04-2010, 11:36 PM
Murshad pak kuch samaj nahi he, sorry:rolleyes:

08-04-2010, 12:09 AM

There u go buddy. this is what i'm talking about.


08-04-2010, 11:34 AM
Thank you Sensei 12Gauge!

I can see that Mr. Tom Knapp uses the easy hit :)

17-04-2010, 11:42 AM
The best advise is to practice with both eyes open.

Dr Hanif Malik
17-04-2010, 08:53 PM
The best advise is to practice with both eyes open.
sir any shikar wikar?boar hunt can be in these days:)