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17-03-2010, 01:39 PM
Dear All please share your experience of duck movement this season so that by the end of this discussion we might get a country wide pattern.

according the my reports jhelum river from mangla to rasul season start with average movement although there were a few good shoots but the movement was not that good and remains same till january but in feburary the movement was extra ordinary. when we compare this with last year also similar sort of pattern was observed.

on river kabul movement in the early start of season i.e. from september to november movement was very good than very slow movement in december and january but in feburary the movement was excellent.

all member are requested to kindly gave your input and share your experience

Dr Hanif Malik
17-03-2010, 05:44 PM
@zarar sahab,river jehlum from pind dadan khan to sahiwal sargodha i was in touch or at river for hunting,only september end some ducks wer available for hunt,later silence up to janvary start,and mallards were increasing till the feb start,and full movement was start of feburary all type of ducks, and finished 10th of march just few teals are remaining:)
at chanab ducks movements was very better than jehlum,but only 15feb to 1st week of march,ducks were landing on decoys like rain:)l

18-03-2010, 11:42 AM
This year duck moment was far better than last two years, however, mid season hit by fog badly. Area which Doc. Hanif mention is my frequently visiting area, due to water shortage and closure of Chashma Jehlum Link canal water level of the area went down and all marshes of the area got dried that became core reason of the duck short fall after Nov. in this area.

Sep-oct and feb-mar is migrating time and every area covered with good number of ducks that mean overall migration was good this year. As far as bags are concerned it depends upon the spot how smartly chosen. We got some 50+ bags this year which is satisfactory on our part. Addition to it, we have routine to pack-up at 9:00 am in any circumstances otherwise bag could be high. We also practcing to observe bag limits. lolz