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25-01-2010, 03:12 PM
Selam brothers,

What about remembering our knowledges about the matter...

Existing operating systems for automatic feeding are three; recoil, gas and inertia...

Recoil operation began with famous Browning A5 at beginning of last century and remained
valid until to mid of that age without a rival...Being all in "Long Recoil" category in which, barrel
and breechblock recoiling backwards as locked to a distance longer than the shell they use.

There were only two "Short Recoil" production guns after that time all belonging "Browning", as
first, Double Automatic, and after a few decades, Browning A500... In which barrels recoiling
backwards as being locked with breechbolt for a short distance to unlock them... These guns
could be considered as "Inertia Operated" as well since they used "Inertia Blocks" to separate
the recoiling members... Both without a big market success. But Double Automatic being one of
the most successfull "Self Adjusting for various shell weight" shotgun however...

One can meet one of these guns in recent days and differing them visualy is possible if they carry
a ventilating rib over the barrel since these strips do not extend to the contact with receiver, but
stop at least one inch before in short recoil, and a few added inches on long recoil guns...There is
no other external identifying factor for them but much can be found if forearm taken out.

Recoil guns need a firm shoulder to work in due course since the barrel and bolt recoils togetherly
within the receiver and a loose hold causes an interrupted backward motion resulting malfunctions.
Hip shooting with this kind of a gun, would possibly give a reloading issue.

Gas operated guns use expanding gases of fired shell to unlock the breechbolt from the barrel and
gases in operation ?s outletted via port or ports in a closed chamber to work with a connected tackle
to carry out the purpose and since opening the bolt occurs after the shell contains to leave the barrel,
this outletted gas can be considered as "waste" or no effect to the power of shell.

There were gas operated rifled guns at beginning the last century, but production of this kind in shotguns
began after the second half of that age as beyondside the development of plastics in ?ndustry. Relation
is from the cause of using plastic containers for shots preventing their possible pluggins into outletting
holes if used barely.

First successfull shotgun in gas operation belonged to "Sears" and same gun was used in guns carrying
"Higgins" and High Standart" brands for years. In contrary of common belief, Remington was the second
in this field and its guns having lack of some practical features like recoil springs over the magazine not
infringing the patent rights of the first.

All gas operated shotguns remain in "Short Stroke" category in which gas piston travels in a short
distance within the gas cylinder...This operation system needs additional devices to automatically adjust
the breechbolt opening speed in various weighted shots and these adjusters came to life in at last
decades of last century mainly as being forward exhausting of Beretta, backward of Browning and sideward
of Remington...Best for "Browning" and worst for "Remington" in actual life.

In both practical and tactical purposes, gas autoloaders are prooved "Best" in selfloading category and
visualy differing these arms is again possible if they carry top ribs since they extend in contact with receiver.

Last member of club is inertia operation and "Benelli" was not the sole introducer of this kind. Lochhead,
an inventor of Olin Company granted a patent in 1949(filed in 1946) descibing all features of this kind but
appearently no production at all.

In contrary to recoil operated guns, inertia operation works with comlete firearm recoiling agaist to a floating
bolt carrier within the receiver and needs not a firm shoulder to carry out operating, in theory, hip shooting
is nearly the best position for this kind, because the gun freely recoils agaist to the inertia weight to
compress the provided bouncer spring mounted between the breechbolt and expelling rearwards to unlock
to eject, to cock and to reload tasks with aid of recoil spring.

Sole manufacturer of inertia guns are Beretta company and its connections like Benelli, Franchi, Breda, Stoeger.
However, Patent rights of Benelli is now expired and it is hoped more and more brands will enter in this field
with quality productions in foregoing years. New Benelli Vinci can be considered as a response for future rivals.

Visuel difference of inertia guns is the gap between bolt and carrier at its back looking through the ejection
port, however, some cost saving applications among the connected brands may cause using same parts
looking same vision as causing misunderstanding.

In hunting and sportive activities, inertia operation can be considered "Best", but in tactical use, some added
accecories can be mounted onto the gun, and they change the weight to be recoiled agaist to the floating bolt
carrier in a slowed speed and cause malfunctions. This is the cause of U.S. Army requesting a gas operated
shotgun from Benelli.

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25-01-2010, 03:39 PM
very well explained......... i am in favour of gas operation which includes gas pistons. They are reliable

Mangloo Ramzani
26-01-2010, 06:53 PM
@ Turko

Sir, whats da origin of Franchi?

26-01-2010, 11:04 PM
Very informative writeup. Thanks for sharing.:)

Franchi is Italian :)

26-01-2010, 11:42 PM
informative one bro

27-01-2010, 12:54 PM
@Mangloo Ramzani

Franchi is an Italian gun manufacturer founded in second half of 19th century and now
owned by Beretta.

The firm turned the production for taste of owner company and Franchi's gas operated shotguns
carried Benelli lookalike breechbolt and bolt carriers even looking same with Benelli's but lack of
inertia bouncing spring inside. An outside inspection may give confusements then.

27-01-2010, 02:52 PM
@turko. Very informative.. thanks for sharing :)