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  1. Buying Guns from Private Party
  2. First handgun (confused)
  3. Just ONE handgun?
  4. Any Small Pistol around Rs. 15,000 ??
  5. Please Suggest a Pistol with a Highest Capacty Magazine
  6. The New Purchases Thread (Handguns only)
  7. Plz Chose a handgun for me
  8. Suggestion Required for Bringing Firearms
  9. Which is the best pistol (9mm and .30 both)
  10. Whats Wrong with this Gun
  11. new memeber need suggestion from seniors
  12. Need Advice on upcoming purchase | Urgent
  13. Expert advice required bf4 I purchase 9mm pistol ?
  14. Which is the best selling handgun ???
  15. Best Pistol/shotgun in 30k for HD
  16. Bying a handgun
  17. Which is better ? Taurus in 9 mm or .45 ACP ?
  18. Want Turkish Fiber pistol
  19. Unlimited Budget, Which TT ??
  20. New to Firearms ? Need advice on buying your first Gun ? Read this !
  21. Need Giudance on Large frames vs Compacts and Sub-Compacts
  22. Are any pistol carbines available in Pakistan?
  23. Whr to buy Glock from in Khi??
  24. Taurus 809 or 845
  25. Criterea for Good Pistol...!
  26. Need help in buying KK/MP5 pistol by khyber arms
  27. NEED EXPERT OPINON IN buying 32 bore help
  28. New Gun Recommendations
  29. Please Suggest a High capacity long barrel 9mm
  30. Which is the best Chinese Pistol ?
  31. Which is the best Turkish handgun ?
  32. Which Glock should I buy or Close to it ?
  33. Comparison of safety and durability
  34. Flow Chart help for handgun choice
  35. How to check if the Barrel is not fully worn out!
  36. Handgun of your choice
  37. What to consider when purchasing a Pistol ?
  38. Full-mid sized Handgun popularity poll (between 35K and 60K)
  39. Conceal Carry Handgun Popularity Poll (35K to 75K)
  40. Suggest me a good Pakistani Pistol.
  41. Which Bore Sighter to get for .22LR
  42. Next Buy?
  43. Loaded Magazine Question ?
  44. Advice Needed for Handguns
  45. Please Suggest Pistol in Rs. 30,000 Price Range
  46. How to remove Stains/Marks on the Slide?
  47. Stoeger Cougar Black or White?
  48. How to identify Original Chinese bullets from fake ones?
  49. Advice from experienced members regarding Taurus 608
  50. How Durable and Accurate is the 1911 ?
  51. How to identify a FAKE or a CLONE gun?
  52. Do you need a License for a Flare Gun ?
  53. Hand Gun for SD
  54. Please Suggest a Reliable Handgun in Rs. 45,000 Range.
  55. Need advise for pistol
  56. Need Help in Identiyfing LPA Sight
  57. Best 9mm Handgun in Rs. 65,000 ?
  58. Want to Purchase a cheapest pistol of any type....
  59. Need Advice from Seniors on buying 1st Handgun
  60. Zastava M57 or Norince NP22
  61. Can I buy a 9mm on a License with .30 Bore pistol on it ?
  62. Bullet Jam in Taurus 24/7
  63. Taurus 609 or baikal 442 makarov
  64. Firing local bullets through Chinese TT
  65. Opinion required used Glock 22 vs Norinco 1911, or Other Norinco Sig/CZ clones
  66. Some words needed for CZ 75
  67. Hand Gun Selection Advice
  68. Advice about keeping gun in car
  69. Gun advice price range 50-55 K
  70. Best Location & Best Price
  71. Sights Zeroing of a Hand Gun (Stoeger 8000)
  72. Please help me on buying my pistol
  73. PT-111 or PT-145
  74. Arms License - Ambiguities! Please clarify!
  75. Opinion about khyber arms 9mm handguns?
  76. Swapping Viking Mp-446 with Stoeger Cougar 8000
  77. Carrying a handgun in a vehicle ?
  78. Concealed Carry handgun 40K-50K max!
  79. Carrying weapons by Air - Procedure
  80. Is my Stoeger Couger Used ?? Please Help !
  81. Stoeger Cougar Or Canik 55 Dolphin
  82. Which Pistol would you prefer according to Tech ??
  83. Compact CC handgun ??
  84. CZ 100 9mm Pistol
  85. Need help for my 1st Handgun!!!
  86. Advice needed regarding Switching Pistol
  87. Major handgun problems!
  88. Stoeger Cougar (Turkey) or Taurus PT 24/7
  89. Stoeger vs PT145pro vs Baikal 442
  90. New to Guns. Need Advice
  91. 9mm - Help to purchase in budget around Rs 50,000(Karachi)
  92. Handguns Grip Techniques
  93. Need help identifying a Llama 9mm
  94. Buying a Hand Gun 9mm: Budget Rs. 100000 +/- 10K
  95. Need advice frm friend regarding Cam Mount
  96. Advice on purchase of new handgun.
  97. Which Handgun to buy?
  98. Need advice on buying a new handgun
  99. Want to buy a new handgun
  100. Cz 2075 rami or caracal c
  101. My first handgun?
  102. What does Luger and Para mean ?
  103. difference between caliber and bore
  104. Firearms from over seas
  105. Thinking to buy my first hand gun ! need suggestions for a beginners pistol.
  106. WTB a Compact All Day Carry Gun. Advice plz.
  107. .22 Handgun Suggestion
  108. Do you Carry, How Do You Carry?
  109. Extended magazine for Taurus PT 709
  110. Help me Out !! Which 1 should i get
  111. Need an advice - Which may be the best 9mm pistol ranging from 40k to 75k ?
  112. i need zigana sport rubber grip
  113. New to Firearms, need guidance
  114. Holsters
  115. need help in finding good turkish arms repairer
  116. Difference Between .30 Bore and 9MM ? And Advice required
  117. online accessories site.
  118. CZ-999 vs MP-446 vs SC-8000 vs CF-98
  119. Effective range
  120. Firing Pin and Decocker Safety Test
  121. What is the best way of selling a handgun
  122. Firearm Import Permit
  123. help wanted custom made rifle
  124. CZ Rami HELP!!!
  125. CZ P07 Duty Vs Caracal C
  126. suggestion for right weapon
  127. Top 5 Handguns for Target Shooting
  128. Need info urgently........
  129. What is the best way to reduce the recoil?
  130. Prices of Turkish made hand guns in Pindi Islamabad
  131. Threads not opening
  132. Handgun in Rs.50000
  133. Choosing a First Handgun
  134. .38 special verses .357 mag revolver?
  135. Help regarding ( Suggestion for better Pistols )
  136. Price list update
  137. Price & Aval of Sig P226
  138. Looking for a license and a gun.
  139. How to buy a Hand Gun ...
  140. Best option for 9mm
  141. Which is the best compact handgun in Pakistan
  142. I need help buying 9mm, Karachi members please help...
  143. best for me ? in 20k ?
  144. want Help 9mm
  145. How much should I expect to pay for a CZ Duty and a Caracal F in Karachi?
  146. Ak 47
  147. Query about MOI Licences
  148. Info required about procedure of Buying or Selling Guns in Market.
  149. Kanuni S or Canik55 Piranha-F
  150. Need guidance regarding license for 9mm handgun
  151. Five 7
  152. Good 9mm Pistol in range of 100 K
  153. Best Defence Gun Within Budget?
  154. Small Weapon to Carry 24/7
  155. Best Handgun on a 80 K budget
  156. Guidance need for buying a 9mm pistol
  157. Want help in deciding from Seniors as well as Juniors
  158. Bought a new Gun Need help...
  159. Arms Branch Lahore, Entry Procedure
  160. First gun - guidance needed from A to Z
  161. CF98/NP42, CZ75b or PT99
  162. FAke license and New license
  163. Advice regarding selling prices
  164. Whats a good price for CZ Duty
  165. Help required to get new handgun
  166. Need of suggestions from Senior Members
  167. Advises needed on Some very Important issues, GUN SHOT NOISE FEAR etc
  168. Is importing a piece through a relative from abroad is possible?
  169. How to reduce Flinch................
  170. Cheapest gun in the market?
  171. Kindly Suggest me my new Handgun... its my first post :-)
  172. Help for first gun
  173. Help buying a Hand Gun
  174. Cougar 8000F to be replaced with Caracal C
  175. Pistol Advice..
  176. Renewal of credit card type .30 all Pakistan License
  177. New Hand Gun
  178. Advice for Purchase price of a New Handgun
  179. Defensive training classes
  180. Handgun Selection
  181. .357 vs .40 - best for SD
  182. Taurus 24/7 (9mm) Versus CZ 75 P07
  183. Price Idea ... Help
  184. Beretta 92FS or 92A1 needed?
  185. Strange situation..... Advice / help
  186. Perfect CC Subcompact Handgun?
  187. Price Idea ... Taurus PT1911
  188. Need some guidance. License & Hand gun Selection
  189. I want to buy a revolver!
  190. need advice
  191. looking for a new side arm
  192. Advice needed regarding browning buckmark
  193. Something Bad Happened with my Taurus 24/7's Grip
  194. Best Cheap 9mm Pistol.
  195. a newbie to own a hundgun.... need advise and suggestion.. please
  196. Help me made a decision.
  197. All Seniors & Experts !!! Plz help !!
  198. need some help!
  199. Legal Advice
  200. Need Advise for 9MM
  201. Bought my 1st pistol Beretta clone.It will Miss fire after firing 2-3 bullets.
  202. any advice?
  203. Expert adviss needed glock pics included
  204. Advice / Suggestions for quick response
  205. GURUS Suggest a good concealable Hand gun for first time gun buyer?
  206. Purchasing a new gun.
  207. Is there any Reliable/Durable Pakistani Brand for 9MM Handgun?
  208. Advice Needed for a Conceal Carrying Handgun
  209. Complete newbie looking to buy a good handgun. Need a lot of guidance
  210. Confused Amateur needs guidance from pros
  211. Serial number of walther p38
  212. Neeed Serious help from forum experts
  213. Indoor/basement firing range
  214. Complete Newbie looking for a 9mm handgun
  215. Want to buy a Handgun Please Suggest
  216. need help on new purchase ?
  217. Sub Compact options other than Rami
  218. FN Browning 1922
  219. Dealer(who made license ) is insisting to purchase weapon from his shop
  220. Suggestion for Pocket Pistol... .32 or 9MM?
  221. Canik55 TP-9 Magazines...!
  222. How to distinguish between fake and orignal Np 34?
  223. Glock 18
  224. Glock 17
  225. Looking to acquire a new concealed carry pistol
  226. Need Advice for my first pistol: CZ999 or Stoegar or MP446 or MP22
  227. Basics on buying a new gun/used gun
  228. Brand new gun for under 80k recommendations please...?
  229. Suggest me handgun, just recieved DN
  230. Please Explain the difference between automatic and Semi automatic ?
  231. Need You Help What to BUY
  232. Need Advice
  233. Dear Friends Suggest me
  234. Help required by a novice
  235. Please select items for CZ 75-P01
  236. Information on st 10
  237. Hollow Point Bullites
  238. Hollow Point
  239. Kanuni 16 / S (Turkey) 9mm Pistol
  240. Norinco np34 or np42
  241. Kindly Advise: Best available option in 60k
  242. Need Advise - How to get a GUN from USA into Pakistan?
  243. Admin or Moderators, No Text Toolbar, kindly advise..
  244. Pls suggest: new NP34 or used Stoeger Cougar 8000 F
  245. Need firing pin and spring for shadow
  246. Walther PPQ
  247. need advice from experts
  248. What is the Procedure to leave LRC / Lahore Rifle Club Memership ?? Need Guidance PLZ
  249. WTB 9mm Gun. Experts advice Plz..
  250. Revolver vs Pistol which one is more accurate ?