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  1. How to Transport your Guns by Air (Legally ofcouse!)
  2. Allotting a weapon to guards/family
  3. Carry Permits & Section 144 related information Thread
  4. Card License
  5. Weapon Legal Issues
  6. MOI (All Pakistan) Arms Licenses
  7. Leaving a gun in car.
  8. Gun Control, Works???
  9. Bringing a shotgun while coming from back from Hong Kong
  10. Legalities of Keeping and Carrying a Gun
  11. Provincial Arms Licence Thread
  12. How to get a Stolen gun off one's License ?
  13. Discussion regarding Legal Status of Smuggled Weapons
  14. The Law & Order Situation: Personal & Home Defense
  15. How many Gun licenses can a person have ?
  16. Licence and a Permit.
  17. Home Defence
  18. How to get arms dealer permit?
  19. What is the role of a “RETAINER”? What rights they have?
  20. Which all countries allow export of arms to Pakistan
  21. Found a Gun, What will you do ?
  22. Going to a Bank with a weapon
  23. What records do you keep of your guns?
  24. Going armed to work...
  25. Canada firearm laws.
  26. Defense & Pak Penal Code
  27. My Section 144 Carry permit
  28. Guidance regarding weapons purchase..
  29. the arms license scam :/
  30. Importance of a licensed firearm?
  31. What to do When License copy runs out of Pages ?
  32. Need Advice | Transferring inherited weapon on own license
  33. Multiple weapons on a single license.
  34. How to transfer license after the death of a licensee?
  35. Bringing weapons from abroad
  36. PB and NPB Clarification
  37. Self Defence against Gunmen
  38. OF MOIs an thana registrations (Karachi)
  39. Shotgun Licence
  40. MOI Lic ORIGINALITY Verification
  41. What is the Proper and Safe procedure to sell your weapon ?
  42. The MOI Arms Licenses Thread (All Pakistan)
  43. Expats importing guns for personal use into Pakistan
  44. Preventive Measures for HD/SD | Let's share our ideas
  45. To resist or not to resist that is the question
  46. A Question for our practicing Criminal Lawyer(s) and LEA Officer(s)
  47. Permission of Bolt Action Weapons as NPB to all Provinces
  48. Lost License Documents
  49. Can a Sindh license be converted to MOI??
  50. Importing a Shotgun/s to Pakistan
  51. Oldest arms license (Issued by sub-continent Government)
  52. Bore changing on License
  53. Importation of Weapon(s)/Weapon related accessories
  54. Weapon Transfer - Father to Son: Provincial License
  55. MOI delegate license authority to NADRA
  56. Situational analysis: A real scenario
  57. Inheritence of Antique Weapons
  58. Cancelling a License
  59. Weopon Import Permit
  60. New License (fake)
  61. Verification of npb licence.
  62. License Book Lost
  63. Procedure to replace a gun from a licence.
  64. Civil Aviation (CAA) Procedure for Transporting a Licenced Weapon
  65. License issue problem
  66. Can we buy two guns with one licence?
  67. My carry permit
  68. How to convert a shotgun license to a Hand gun ?
  69. MOI card license
  70. Original vs Fake MOI Licenses (Pictures)
  71. Baluchistan licence
  72. How to sell a gun registered on a MOI card licence?
  73. Whats illegal and whats not??
  74. Expired Licence Renewel
  75. NPB licence validity in AJK
  76. Ammo Addition in the License
  77. Transfer of arms license to retainer
  78. Carrying gun with/without license
  79. Information Required/Multiple license
  80. Reclaiming Gun from a Dealer after 7 years - Help Needed
  81. All Sindh Licenses Stand cancelled till the 12th of Moharram
  82. License Renewal
  83. Procedure to get your license cancelled?
  84. What catagory to choose on the application form for a .22lr rifle?
  85. Where are arm license forms submitted ??
  86. do i have to get a permit if i already have a m.o.i all pakistan licence ???
  87. NADRA center in Islamabad for issuing arms license
  88. Licensed Gun without a license
  89. PAKISTAN ARMS ORDINANCE 1965 - Complete Details
  90. Why MOI Licence???
  91. 1 licence 2 users. Is it possible?
  92. MOI License Rates revised
  93. Registration of license at your local police station
  94. Travelling on National Highway within Sind Province
  95. Is it Possible to Buy the A new on the old License ?
  96. What does "New MRAL" mean on my license form???
  97. To declare or not to declare weapon when asked by LEA ?
  98. How to make lost arms license
  99. Civilian Gun ownership by countries. Yay! we make it to the list
  100. Inter-province travel with a Licence of Sindh
  101. New Arms licence Karachi
  102. What are prerequisites of a gratis MOI license?
  103. Time to purchase new arms
  104. Wanting to export a firearm from Karachi to Sydney (Australia)
  105. Purchase Period Extension
  106. Bolt Action rifle of all hunting caliber now open on Punjab License
  107. NPB Registration
  108. Ministry of Interior issued Arms Licence Policy 2011.
  109. Sub rule 2 AA of the Arms Rules, 1924
  110. Conversion of Provincial to All Pakistan License
  111. Procedure of Cancellation of Arms License
  112. MOI licenses not being issued, are provincial licenses banned too?
  113. Increase of Rounds on Provincial License
  114. Retainer license leagal status
  115. A Real Incident, What Would You Do?
  116. People who have licenced can carry arms- IG Sindh Durrani
  117. Gun license from islamabad
  118. Anybody got pulled over while carring these days?
  119. how many licences make by one person?
  120. fake license
  121. Waiting for license since 2007 :)
  122. Notification from Home Department regarding Conceal Carry !!
  123. NPB Provincial Arm License
  124. 144 Permit All Pakistan or Sindh Procedure and Price
  125. How can we know the License is fake or not
  126. Gun Laws of the world
  127. Can a Provincial NPB License be upgraded to "All Pakistan"?
  128. What's the law on shooting to defend?
  129. Handgun license for Foreign Citizen (Karachi)
  130. Moi Licence cancellation news & Revalidation process
  131. Police Station Entry
  132. I have already have a Shotgun licence can I have another license for a Pistol ??
  133. Writ against re-validation of arms licences issued by ministry of interior by nadra
  134. Licence conversion from 32 bore Revolver to 8mm Rifle ?
  135. need help in verifying the NPB license
  136. Rules to carry weapon
  137. Punjab Arms License with a Dealer's Help?
  138. Conversion to all Pakistan & Carry Permit for 144 exemption (Sind)
  139. Multiple Licenses should allowed ?
  140. Gun Licenses Open ?
  141. Medico-legal cases
  142. U.S State Department Places Embargo on Pakistan
  143. 100-Round Year Limit
  144. Nadra Karachi Arms Licenses Office
  145. Buying a new gun on old license
  146. Change to computerised Islamabad License
  147. SINDH(karachi) Licenses being issued as of 11 Nov 2011??
  148. Plzzz help
  149. Moi licences open or not?
  150. Can a person can carry his handgun in Daewoo bus ?
  151. Gun for gaurd
  152. Need Guidance from senior members
  153. Need Help For Duplicate Lic.
  154. License renewal (KHI)
  155. New C ARMS License Verification Procedure
  156. License for antique fore arms
  157. What is legal
  158. Bringing/Importing Handgun from the US
  159. About the New Computerized Arms License
  160. Faisalabad issuing all Pakistan license
  161. i am not in the pakistan so what is the process for renewing my License again.
  162. Arms License Procedure - Punjab
  163. Got the form filled, Police Verification?
  164. Moi License Renewal 2012 !
  165. Gun Control in Canada and the Right to Defend Yourself
  166. Renewal of Old Nadra card MOI License Process
  167. Register your weapon and lic to DC office & local police station!
  168. can i convert my sindh lic from .22 to another bore?
  169. Revalidation status of moi licenses
  170. Good news for Sindh's residents.
  171. Florida Law. "Stand your ground"
  172. how many arm licence/
  173. License required
  174. Section 144 imposed again in sindh
  175. Is home deptt Sindh issuing 144 Permits?
  176. Bann on new arms licenses in Sindh (One more bad news)
  177. Sindh Arms License
  178. Need Help for increase in rounds limit and converting KPK license to all Pakistan
  179. new TWIST in the story " issuance of ARM Licenses in SINDH"
  180. card licences renewal in karachi issued in 2007 exp. 2012
  181. Punjab Licenses
  182. Ordering ONLINE
  183. Deputy Commissioners in Sindh to issue Arms' Licenses.
  184. Update o Issuance of New Arms license in Karachi...
  185. Carrying Gun for Bikers
  186. Need Help in new gun purchase
  187. number of licenses
  188. new license .... help please
  189. Status of Provincial Lic from Lahore issued after June 2010
  190. came to know that all 144 permits issued before 29th march are cancelled
  191. How to know status of section 144 in the city?
  192. How many guns are allowed per license?
  193. Different types of licenses
  194. Govt suggest to change the NPB weapons list
  195. Federal Govt Notification for Categorization of Prohibitive & Non-Prohibited Weapons
  196. FED on Arms
  197. 12 Bore Semi automatic magazine guns going to be ban ?
  198. Up Country Trip and 144 status?
  199. Gun Bore (Calliber) Problem want to change it "Help"
  200. Gun purchase after getting license
  201. Nadra MOI license card (Changed Weapon)
  202. Onboard advocate for SD cases
  203. URGENTLY REQUIRED blood group O negative CONTACT: 0333-3749699
  204. Basic safety drills to counter abduction attempts
  205. Carrying Handgun via daewoo bus
  206. carry permit it islamabad
  207. new (fresh , not revalidated) moi card verification how to
  208. New License from Gujranwala
  209. New policy, notification issued by Punjab Home Department
  210. Cros checking my license
  211. Hiring a private security guard (not from a company)
  212. Has anyone bought from Punjab/KPK on Sindh Provincial (convtd to All Pakistan) Lic?
  213. Can I get license for 7mm rifle
  214. Urgent License?!? huh?
  215. Process of getting a new firearm license in Lahore (price and time req)
  216. Decision of Sindh High Court
  217. Driving License LTV Card form
  218. Annual fee for all pakistan 12 bore lincence
  219. Arms Policy of KPK 2011
  220. My DCA (Sindh) License Confusion
  221. Got my license
  222. Sindh Home department computerised license renewal fees...
  223. Getting a gun from friend, who bought it from FATA or Peshawar...
  224. Ascertaining the legit use of your SD weapon
  225. Procedure for getting a license ( my story)
  226. Maal khana
  227. Self Defence ; Understanding the implications
  228. process for importing firearms,
  229. Time period for SECTION 144
  230. Card licence or new Book licence
  231. Help needed in relation to new license (sindh)
  232. Today's News (related to Media News)
  233. provincial licences sindh and all pakistan
  234. Weee.... got my MOI book back!
  235. Change of Weapon on MOI Computerized Arms License
  236. Can I keep more than One Pistols on same licence ?
  237. DIY MOI licence
  238. New Legal Status of Knives in Punjab ?
  239. yahooooooooo.. just got my 1st Arm Lisence(All Sindh)...
  240. Need help regarding few questions
  241. NADRA NPB Demand note DC entry for gift weapon
  242. renewel of computerized arms licence !?
  243. Retainer's predicament
  244. Processing of Punjab Province License
  245. Different types of licenses available in Karachi
  246. question about weapon purchain gon MOI Licence
  247. As if all the checks were not enough
  248. Licence conversion from 30 bore to Rifle & What is this Process ?
  249. Licence conversion from sindh to all pakistan ?
  250. Purchase of 9mm on MOI .30bore liscense.