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  1. How to adjust the Trigger Pull for Glocks
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  4. Shooting with weak hand...
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  7. Can Barel Length of a Hand Gun affects the Range of Gun?
  8. Bar Sto Barrels
  9. Glock Wolf & KKM barrels!
  10. Handgun Shooting Tips and Errors Done By Shooters
  11. Most Accurate Pistol?
  12. What is Trigger Pull??
  13. Limp Wrist
  14. Y'all are gonna LOVE this!
  15. Difference Blow Back & Recoil operating.....?
  16. Project: Altering the Glock's Magazine Catch Button
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  19. Tactical disadvantage of turning barrel lock.
  20. About Tilting Barrel Lock.
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  22. Congrats: Abbas wins a medal in Pistol shooting:
  23. Gun-brother, please share in my blessing!
  24. What determines Range of a weapon ?
  25. Handgun Accuracy Thread
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  27. The Art of Double Tap and CQC
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  34. Video from May 22, 2010 Match
  35. Participating in 19th CommonWealth Games, Delhi
  36. OK, check this out my friends...
  37. Front site trimming
  38. Father & Son Shooting Video
  39. Polygonal rifling vs Conventional rifling barrels
  40. Video from my most recent match
  41. HA! U LOVE IT! (even if you never admit it)
  42. Shot matches both Saturday and Sunday... yeah there are videos
  43. What does the "pistol zeroing" mean ??
  44. Troubleshooting Your Shooting
  45. Newst Video... with some deliberate humor this time
  46. One Hand Shooting
  47. How I improved shooting.
  48. Effect of 'CANTING'
  49. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  50. Pakistani Shooter reaches Final of Commonwealth Games
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  52. Pakguns & Shooting Squad for Asian Games
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  54. Rules and Regulations for Shooting Events in Pakistan
  55. Handgun shooting - Useful tips - Courtesy Ezine articles.
  56. The Ghulam Mujtaba Jatoi trophy
  57. Sindh Open Sporting Clay Championship
  58. How to grip a pistol. Three grips, three results.
  59. some new techniques of combat shooting (handgun, shotgun, rifle, etc).
  60. Double 31st National Games Olympic Skeet Gold Medals
  61. Push And Pull
  62. Pistol shooting stance
  63. Eye Dominance
  64. Sight Pictures: which one do you use and why?
  65. Eyes Open
  66. Physical fitness
  67. Range: Gander Mountain
  68. Build Your Own Pistol Target Stand
  69. Another shooting simulator!
  70. Combat Training with Air Guns?
  71. Feedback
  72. Where do Islamabadians shoot ?
  73. 2nd Session at the Range. Challenging myself
  74. US colligate Nationals
  75. Israeli Combat Point Shooting (ICPS)
  76. FANTASY & WEAPONRY By Kurt Saxon, A very informative article
  77. If a Pistol and Rifle are Zero then ??
  78. What makes a fiream accurate ?
  79. MY SHOOTING STAND, Multiple use!
  80. The Connection Between Actuall and Range Results
  81. Competition Shooting in Islamabad
  82. Sight Alignment
  83. Is shooting more than one gun in a range session BAD:
  84. The Shooting Error Chart: Find your problem !
  85. Mounted Shooting
  86. Shot a Perfect 500/500 at 50 Meters !!
  87. ISSF World Championship Shotgun 2011, Belgrade
  88. Congratulations to Skeeter60 on Winning the Toothi Competition Today !
  89. Long Range Shooting Competition in Sindh
  90. How Baluch Shoots
  91. Shooting Passion
  92. Asian shooting championship DOHA
  93. LRC Competition Thread
  94. Own bullets loading and reloading for competitions
  95. Karsaz Shooting Range
  96. ISPC (USPSA) in San Antonio, TX
  97. Mastering Tips: Going Prone (Lying in your front)
  98. Congrats ! Pakguns Shooting Team
  99. Need expert Opinion
  100. Home made Shot and see Targets
  101. London Olympic wild card
  102. Shooting Competition in Karachi
  103. Are there any shooting range/s in Gujranwala
  104. Kim Rhode Wins Gold in Women's Skeet, Makes US Olympic History
  105. Skeet machine required. Help Please.
  106. Parallax adjustment
  107. A Pride for Pak Gunners
  108. Shooting ranges in Karachi
  109. Skeet/trap machine
  110. Shooting at Pasban Range, Rawalpindi
  111. Effective Range of Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols, Revolvers, Air guns and Air Pistols
  112. anyone used the Shaheen 7t 12 ga. cartridge
  113. Calendar for all national shooting events
  114. Skeet Shooting Gear
  115. Basic procedure to take part in coming NATIONAL GAMES 22dec - 28dec
  116. 2nd-Asian shotgun championship Patiala-India.28-Nov-9th-Dec,2012
  117. Personal shooting range.
  118. Firearm Tactics and Competitive Shooting Training.
  119. National Games
  120. second Shabeer Ahmed chandio shooting competition
  121. Glockcholic & Moeen's New Years Blowout Special
  122. Anybody ordering clay targets in bulk?
  123. Star FR .22 LR Results on 03/01/13
  124. Here is another innovation for flying target practice...
  125. Punjab Shooting Champioship 2013.. Pakgunners on victory Stand
  126. Day at Shooting Club - RAK
  127. Pakgunner Won the 2nd Runner Up Trophy in Kuwait
  128. Defensive Shooting myth buster!
  129. Target shooting with my Baikal Viking
  130. Airman`s Club
  131. Death of a TRUE LEGEND
  132. Shooting Ranges in Lhr
  133. My Shooting Range (Early Stage)
  134. ISSF SHOTGUN WORLD CUP-Nicosia,Cyprus.
  135. Shooting Competitions In Lahore
  136. Usman Chand's first appearance in ISSF-world cup series 2013,Granada-Spain
  137. Unforgiving World of Competitive Skeet Shooting.
  138. DIY-DONE Bullseye Target Sheets (Optimized for 15m)
  139. Visit to Sargodha
  140. Won the 1st Runner Up Trophy in 50 meters Rifle Shooting Competition
  141. Got the Title "Champion" Finally Done That :)
  142. KPSA demands allotment of land for shooting range.
  143. Check this video How to defend onself
  144. Shooting Competition in Peshawar 4-6 Oct- 2013
  145. ISSF-World Cup(Final) 22-29 Oct,2013 at Al-forsan Club-Abu-Dhabi.
  146. a DIY - Mini Shooting Range
  147. Garrison shooting club lahore
  148. Privilages & Performances (Who will Justify?).
  149. Is there a site with dates for team selection trials fr shotgun competitions
  150. My first shootout at Range-SSG Range in Malir
  151. Dedication for sports trainings.
  152. Visit to Airmen Golf Club with Friends and family....
  153. Long Range Shooting Competition - Qambar Shahdadkot, 22 Dec 2013.
  154. Reloading
  155. My first range shooting in arabia sea country club with seniors...
  156. Trap Shooting :)
  157. ASCCL Shooting Range visit
  158. Seeking SKEET instructor in Karachi
  159. Crossman .22 Nitro Venom Dusk accuracy with different fodders
  160. 600 & 400 Yard Rifle Matches POF Wah 21st and 22nd March 2014
  161. skeet thrower/target thrower
  162. Pakistan's absence from ISSF-WC 2014 SERIES. 91-Nations 1323 Shooters.
  163. 1000, 800 and 400 yard LONG RANGE & HUNT IN RIFLE MATCHES OCTOBER 2014Gentlemen
  164. 1000, 800 and 400 yard LONG RANGE & HUNTING U RIFLE MATCHES OCTOBER 2014Gentlemen
  165. Pak Shooting Team Glasgow 2014
  166. Essentials of Rifle marksman ship
  167. Tactical scope ( 5-25x56mm )
  168. Learning steps towards ( tactical shooting )
  169. Rifle SCOPES buyers Guide
  170. ‎2014 Asian Games: Shooting
  171. my shotgun aiming problem need help
  172. Khyber PakhtunKhwa Shooting competition
  173. A day out at the Rangers Shooting & Saddle Club
  174. Target Shooting With Friends
  175. Kp all pakistan shooting challenge
  176. Big money in shotgun shooting
  177. Shooting Competition by Police for all, karachi - May 2015
  178. How to weapon train a novice
  179. Shooting range in Lahore
  180. ISSF pistol shooting
  181. Prayers and Best wishes for Usman Chand at Azerbaijan ISSF World Cup.
  182. Can you shoot faster than him
  183. Skeet Shooting Range in Rawalpindi
  184. Updates on Lahore Rifle Club??
  186. Shamiel Khan's first entry in International skeet.
  187. Rio-2016,Olympics(Shooting Results).
  188. Congrats to Islamic World & specially to Kuwait.
  189. 15-Probables to reach SKEET finals on Fri-13th Aug in Rio.
  190. Italian Man,Women and Beretta won the Gold.
  191. Guess who did this at international level.
  192. WAPDA SHOOTING & ARCHERY TEAMS / Olympic Aspirations
  193. AirGun
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  195. Any members from POF shooting range
  196. Baikal factory chokes vs Carlsons extended Chokes Pattern test...
  197. Baikal mp155 vs Kral O/U CaraCara Pattern Test.
  198. Expensive sports clubs producing WHAT????.